Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My first time

This is so weird... in my field I get to travel a lot and I'm so cool with it.  I love going to different places and exploring.  But, for some reason going to NYC for the first time has me a little nervous.  Who knows why????  Maybe I'm afraid of falling in love with it. But since this is not a working trip, I'm going to show you my small traveling makeup bag with the bare necessities....
must have: eye cream,concealer,foundation, powder,lip conditioner along with lipstick and lip gloss, eyeliner,mascara, try to pack things in pallets like the eyeshadows, eyelashes are a must for me!, I like using a different color loose powders a good way of traveling with then is by using the clear stackable containers and of course my make-up brushes 

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I'm Crazy for PINK!

I'm Crazy Crazy Crazy in Love with Lady Gaga Pink By: MAC
It's so pretty =)

should i wear eyeliner?

Hell yea! you should wear eyeliner!  people always ask me... " should I wear eyeliner?" of course you should!  with no doubt almost everyone should wear eyeliner. I don't care how old you are.  Eyeliner does wonders, it can open or close your eye but, most of the time it works to make you look alive and sexy. I personally LOVE, LOVE , LOVE eyeliner! one of my fav. it's the the Fluid live from MAC it saty's on so well and it doesn't smug off.  It can be used inside or outside the eye. For Example Vanessa Preziose and Satcha Pretto have a heavy eyeliner look inside and out side, Make up and hair done by ME :D

Remember eyeliner can make you or break you.... but, most likely it will make you fabulous!

Monday, October 18, 2010

clean hair

to most hair dresser it may seem crazy! but NOT for me....... Hi my name is "Mirna" the make up artist a freelace Hair and Make-up artist for a couple of shows... but my home is #1 the Evening news at Univision comunications. One thing i can assure you, is that i Never thought i would be blogging but, a co-worker convinced me. (thank you Nadia) Today i realized that i love working on clean hair because dirty hair grosses me out. hahahaha! I find that its easier to set and style. To tell you the truth hair is not my forte but, im pretty good at it.... i'm a much better makeup artist.  anywho have a good night :) I will write about what ever comes to my mind tomorrow.