Sunday, April 3, 2011

keeping your skin young!

Hello and Sorry for not being around been very Busy with lots of work and Traveling.  I was recently in Playa del Carmen for a wedding and of course because I am the Makeup artist I always get asked tons of questions. So, I decided to share a few things with Y'all.

The most important,  in case you didn't know is....  to drink lots of water, It will rejuvenate your skin in every way. Making sure your face is always clean and refresh. Meaning you have to wash your face and clean off your make up before going to sleep.  Using a Toner is very important.... Use one depending on your skin type,  Witch Hazel work great on almost any skin and it's very reasonable in price.

Eyes are probably the most important!  Trying to keep them young is not an easy task.... no one want wrinkles..... Right? well a great way to reduce puffiness and dark circles is by using serums before applying your eye cream.  Another  great way is in the Morning after washing your face is to take ice and rubbing it around your eyes, this will tighten & firm your skin. Another great things is Potatoes YES Potatoes! How to use potatoes you may be asking..... Grate a raw one and put a hand full over each eye at least once a week for 15-30 min. a great way to relax and pamper your self . Use a gauze to prevent any liquids or starch from going into your eyes. Trust me it works! I saw it on Oprah ;) hehehe

To me the entire Face is very important! That is why I try to go to a steam room at least every other week, if that is not possible once a moth.  Steam room will open your pores and it will make it so much easier to exfoliate and get rid of those nasty white & black heads. Baking Soda: one of my favorite things to exfoliate my face with.  Another one of my most Favorite things is Tea tree oil, not only is it an anti bacterial anti fungi oil. It heal practically everything!!!! I absolutely LOVE IT!!!! Cant live with out it! you can add a drop of tea tree of the baking soda paste  to get a deeper cleanse when exfoliating.
Girlie Girl Oil: It's the most amazing face oil Anti Aging & Anti Wrinkle ...  with all the great properties the olive oil has to offer how can you go wrong.... I use it every night.....  works great for me!

Sun spots:  very common as we start aging :(   Well If you've ever hear of Noni juice... not only does  it do great things for your inner body by drink it. Now they have discover that if you apply it directly on your sun spots with a Qtip every night in 3 month you will see them disappear. Doesn't hurt to try! anything for beauty ;)

Well Thats all for now! Until next time ;)

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