Monday, October 3, 2011

smoky and sexy!

You don't have to have the most amazing eyes in the world to make them look sexy!... NO,NO,NO, But what you can do... is create amazing smokiN eyes! just by adding a few color.
One of the easiest way is by simply using 3 colors.
1: your basic off white or white
2: soft brown or any color you prefer it can be pink, peach, ect...... my fav color is a peach or orange
3: a dark brown, gray and or a simple black

when creating a smoky eye there are two way to begin.  One is by doing your eye's first than cleaning off all the excess shadow that has fallen on your cheeks.... then finishing off with the rest of your makeup.
Second, you can do your entire face and add lots of loose powder under the eyes so that the excess eyeshadow doesn't stain your concealer and foundation.

You all know I absolutely love and cant live without my Paint tube from MAC in bare canvas. I use that as a primer. Start with that! Remember it dries pretty quick so you have to work fast!  you can start by adding the soft brown or peach on the crease of your eye lid.... then move on to the dark brown , black or what ever color you decide to pick.  Cover the bottom part of the lid and under the bottom lashes with your dark color.... you can expand your eyes as much as you want, "don't be afraid!"  Blend as much and as many times you need until you achieve the darkness preferred... go back with the previous color used to blend.  We never want to see any lines so blend as much as possible....  to finish of your smoky eyes add a tad of you white to the top of the eye lid to add highlight under the brow bone.  Don't for get to add my favorite eyeliner fluid line in Black track from Mac on top and bottom of your eyes. Add mascara to finish and For a more Dramatic effect add some thick & long eyelashes.

REMEMBER: You have to use a brush for each color this will help you have more control when it's time to blend the colors together. 

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