Monday, November 28, 2011

fresh looking skin

A friend asked me how I keep my skin so fresh looking. It's very simple Always, always, always, wash and really clean your face every morning and night. It sounds a bit gross but there are people out there that don't clean their face enough! YUUKKK! 
If you ever have time, please go to a steam room.  It is very important that you clean out your pores.... after or during a shower, a bath or the steam room. One great way to do this is by using a scrub.  A very inexpensive scrub is simple baking soda. I use that all the time! If you want to take it up a notch add a drop of tea tree oil to your baking soda paste. Tee trea oil is amazing... not only does it kill germs, it's anti fungal and has healing properties that help get rid of black heads.

Use a softening lotion (toner). "Witch hazel" is very inexpensive and it works.  Always moisturize your face, try using products that are antioxidant like (Jan Marini) face cream, use eye cream that are anti wrinkle, and neck creams that are anti aging. Moisturizing is probably the most important part in keeping your skin looking fresh and young. At night I actually use oil...Girlie Girl Oil,  an Olive oil based moisturizer. I absolutely love it! It feels so good on my face and it give me so much hydration. Also take into consideration all the healing properties that olive oil has. Can't live without it!

Moving on to makeup.... try to pick a foundation that is not too thick... if you have clean beautiful skin you probably just need a tinted moisturizer or a sheer foundation. I like "MakeUp Forever HD" because it covers well and it's not too heavy and it gives you a little bit of a glow all around.  If you have skin that needs a bit more help then you need to buy a foundation with a bit more coverage a little more on the heavy side or  using a concealer over blemishes also works to help hide the troubled areas... you can keep a sheer foundation when you correct the hyper pigmentation and the blemishes with a concealer, "Pro Long Wear Concealer" from Mac is amazing! If you have an airbrush machine, use It!  it's  so light and it goes on very sheer, you can layer of course if you need more coverage. A Dinair airbrush machine is perfect to have at home or when you travel, it's very light and small enough to fit in a large makeup bag.

Don't forget to use a loose powder to set your foundation.  Otherwise your foundation wont stay on all day. Use a blush like the  "MAC’s Mineralize Blush duo" that has shimmer so it gives you a healthy Glow (NOT glitter).  Or you can also use a powder or cream highlighter to give you a glow in conjunction with your blush.

And that my friends, is how I keep my skin clean, fresh and glowy!  :)