Friday, November 19, 2010

Love Lashes? I do!!!

Hello everyone!  
As I was getting ready I  thought God how I love Eyelashes!!  So I decided to show or tell you how to put them on. Things you will need: lashes, scissors, Duo eyelash glue, and a hand mirror. 

1: Take a hand mirror and set it on a table or counter. The key is for you not to close your eye completely. Just look down into the mirror. 
2: Cut the lashes to fit your eye! I always make mine a Lil bit shorter  on the corners so it doesn't poke my eye. Other wise you'll be bothered with them all day. 
3: Pick the color glue you want to use. I always prefer the dark one because it blends in perfect with my eyeliner.  If you decide to do individual ones use the clear one. My favorite glue is the Duo!
4: Add just enough glue to the eyelash.  If you put too much it's going to take longer to put on because the glue will take longer to dry and it will also bother your eyes.  Make sure that you let it get a bit tacky so it sticks to your lash line faster. But, don't let it dry! 
5: Take a tweezer and grab the lash from the center and place it on the center of your eye on top of your own lashes, do not press just lay it over your lashes. Do the same thing on the other eye, as close as possible. Go back and press the eyelash over yours. What this does is gives the glue time to get tacky so it sticks to your lash line easier.  you don't want to have a gap in between. Otherwise it will look fake. If you need to add more eyeliner you may do so once its dry.

6: Remember keep it sexy!
You can use  lashes for a natural look or a dramatic look it all depends on the length and thickness.   Make the lashes last! Your make up has to be completely done mascara has to be put on first. That way your lashes won't look fake and you can also re-use them. 
 Have fun! You too can look like a Celebrity ;)

Friday, November 5, 2010

Make it fun and Sassy

Hello  everyone!

I just wrote this post and it got erased!!! ah!!!! let me tell you what I had written for you all:

One of  my favorite ways to play up the eyes is by adding a little bit of color....what do I mean? By using color eyeliners, pencils or glitter you can brighten your eyes and make then fun and sassy!!!! Here are some of my favorite items:
1. Liquidlast liner (MAC)

2. Any color pencil...(your choice)
3. Any glitter!!!!! I love all colors!

That's it but remember don't over do it..a little bit goes a long way!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

makeup tips

Hello everyone,  I'm so sorry I haven't posted anything, I've had busy days. After I got back from New York,  Halloween came up and I haven't had a chance to blog. I just wanted to give you pointers or may I say, make-up tips. I think that would makeup for me abandoning you for 2 weeks.

1:  Always use a transluscent loose powder under the eye so the eyeshadow your using doesn't stain your concealer and foundation. Dust off when done :)

2: use a primer on your eyelids so your eyeshadow last all day
Mac paints in canvas is one of my Favorite
2: Urban Decay Potion is also a primer, great for people with oily skin

3: Urban Decay eye shadows are amazing!